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Social Media Swing 9 Day Social Media Challenge

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This Challenge Is For You If: 

  • If you've tried flying by the seat of your pants and want to be more organized and efficient

  • ​If you want a fun, interactive process that gets results in a manageable, bite-sized slices of time

  • If you want to build a tribe of raving fans with a system for engaging content

  • If you are ready to simplify your social media marketing and build long lasting relationships with your customers

Social Media Swing 9 Day Social Media Challenge is the way to quickly create content that is authentic to your brand voice and best serves your audience.

Meet Your New Coach

Raejean Roberts - Social Media and Marketing Expert

I passionately support small businesses owners, because you have the power to change the world.

Hey! I'm Raejean Roberts.

Through my own journey of entrepreneurship, I learned how difficult it can be to find the right tools to promote a small business online. So I decided to take matters into my own hands by creating Social Media Snapshotz! 

I see business owners stressing daily for consistency to maintain a presence on social media that builds connection with their customers. But I'm here to give you a process and simplify your marketing, while increasing engagement because you're giving your customers what they want to see.

Imagine the time and mental energy you will gain when you break free of the social media marathon! You could spend more time with your loved ones, create new products or services, or work on that sweet, new idea.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today

Content Framework System

  • A comprehensive system to establish your company's social media presence

  • The step-by-step footwork for your social media plan

  • Streamlined workflow for creating content

Dance Card

  • No more scrambling for content ideas or wondering what to post

  • This is the cog that connects all the moving pieces of your social media marketing plan

  • Organize your content and plan months in advance

Social Media Foundation

  • Strategic content that spotlights your brand's unique message and voice

  • Daily themes to work smarter

  • Increase productivity and take back your time

Popular Posts Spotlights

  • Learn the types of posts that create the best connection with your customers

  • Get the secrets for the details for the best content

  • Expand the depth of your content and it's ability to resonate with your audience

What's Included In The

Social Media Swing 9 Day Challenge?

  • Social Media Swing 9 Day Challenge

  • Daily Bite-size videos

  • Easy daily homework

  • 12 Weeks of Daily Social Media Content (Valued at $4497)


  • Winners Circle Celebration (Valued at $97)

  • Tutorials on my favorite tools (Valued at $297)

  • Exclusive community for encouragement and support (Valued at $125)

12 Weeks of Social Media Content (Value $4497)

Do you know how much a good social media person charges? Around $1500 per month! Together we're not only going to create over two months of posts. But you're building a repeatable strategy that will simplify and streamline your social media marketing process. 

Daily Video Academy (Value $897)

Join me in the studio for short daily videos to lead you through the steps to creating your custom social media strategy and content. Building the foundation for your simplified system of repurposable content

Insider's Tools (Value $297)

Every successful system needs the right tools...

I'll share the ones that automate the system you'll learn AND share tutorials so you can see how to use them to simplify, streamline and automate your system.

It's time to make social media work for you, instead of the other way around!

Total Value: $5816

Now Only = $47

Or.. Get these additional physical bonuses for just $X extra!

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Bonus #3: Name Of Bonus

Bonus #4: Name Of Bonus

If you want to create 12 weeks of social media posts AND a repeatable system to take back your time, then this is the mission for you...

You change your business in only 9 days, starting soon...

Do You Accept?

What's This Worth To Your Business?

Facebook reach increased 70% during the challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Who is this challenge for?"

"The Social Media Swing 9 Day Challenge is for small business owners who understand the power of social media marketing, and want to simplify their process and save time creating high quality, engaging content.

"Is this challenge solely for Instagram content?"

"The challenge is NOT just for Instagram content. It builds a complete strategy for all your social media platforms, including hashtags and captions.

"How is this challenge different from others?"

"The Social Media Swing 9 Day Challenge is a complete course that will have you creating 12 weeks worth of content and teaching you how to create your own successful social media strategy. The challenge offers daily bite-sized assignments with specific goals, so it's easy for anyone to fill their dance card while having fun throughout the process!

"What equipment do I need?"

"Answer: All you need is the computer and software you already have!

I will suggest some software tools that will save you time and improve your results.

"What exactly is inside the Social Media Swing challenge?"

"It consists of the Content Framework System that will teach you how to plan your social media strategy.

- the Dancers Toolkit to organize the different aspects of your social media marketing content.

- the Fill Your Dance Card Workshop to create a smooth marketing system.

- the Extend Your Reach Workshop to build strategies to get your message in front of more of the right customers.

"Is the content available immediately?"

"The content and homework assignments will be released daily.
I want daily training, live coaching and accountability from Day 1 to Day 21

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Let's Quickly Create 12 Weeks of Daily Social Media Content!

We're going to do this together...

You follow the guidelines I send you, and track your progress...

Let's conquer social media marketing together

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